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Really enjoyed carpenter and blacksmith. I was surprised how nicely the carpenter engaged the children, showing how to use the lathe (younger ones get to pump it, older ones can help hold the tool). Her the let each use the vise and " ka nife". There was a lull in the visitor stream, so instead of merely going silent in the heat of the day, the carpenter showed us how to play ninepins. We each got 3 shots and he entered into our fun. He showed us the implements in the officers tent and ventured that we must be common folk as he as we had not got on long breeches. Unexpectedly, he treated us to pike practice, he with a real pike and we with broomsticks, so as to be able to defend the settlement.

The English carpenter and Scottish blacksmith had great repartee that explained the tension between trades and nations. The Scottsman had a great blustering accent and kindly made us a nail.
David from Glasgow, KY August 6, 2012
We have been visiting the Outer Banks for 8 years and never looked into this, until this year! What a mistake!

We visited last week and I was so impressed with the re-enactors' knowledge and enthusiasm.
The Scottish Blacksmith was so informative, as was the sailor on the ship and the woodworker.

The entry price was more than reasonable! Thank you for offering this great half-day trip!
The Kravitz Family / Staunton, VA April 9, 2012
Wow! Nicest center on the East Coast!
Tom & Kris
What a find!
Ken & Ellie. Bristol, NH
Great exhibits! Love the hands-on stuff.
Sherry/ Raleigh, NC
Wonderful family fun- we learned loads.
Stephenson family/ Atlanta, Ga.
That was amazing! I hope to return soon.
A great way to learn history- very fun and interactive.
The Dollard Family.
Very impressed with all staff. Each person was engaging, friendly, and seem genuinely concerned about teaching the children.
Francisco Elementary, Westfield, NC
This is the third year we have visited this museum. Students feel this is the best part of the trip. We will come back next year. Your staff is very caring and the students love their charm.
Lawsonville Elementary, Lawsonville, NC
We had a great time. The staff was very informative and patient with the kids.
A.G. Cox Middle, Winterville, NC
Excellent program for middle school students
Piedmont Open Middle, Charlotte, NC
Great history lessons in a hands-on environment.
Oakboro Elementary, Oakboro, NC
Through the whole experience on the eighth grade trip, I personally think your park was the best. With the inside view in the villages, to the “kaknowledge” of the pirates ship and their crew. I learned some things I never knew. When I heard about how the natives farmed, I was just influenced in awe. The mound for the three sisters was a very smart idea...
Sincerely, Sebastian Kipp
We would love to go back. We stopped and only planned to stay 30-45 mintues and stayed several hours. We would have loved to see the film but ran out of time. The fee to enter was beyond reasonable and well worth every penny! Wonderful place and we can't wait to go back.
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